Call us today for conversion of urine and other wastes into clean, GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY!


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is here with us! This is obviously not a good News but all News can be used to our advantage. Besides, information is power.

COVID-19 is contagious, and can kill! The good News is that we can avoid getting infected by this virus if we take some of these few and simple precautions; stay at home as much as possible, cover your nose especially when outside your domain, maintain social distancing, wash hands effectively and regularly with detergents or disinfect your hands with over 65% alcohol-based sanitizer, avoid touching your face with hands, drink water regularly, do exercise, eat healthy and rest well.

Should you experience fever, cough, flu and other symptoms of COVID-19, kindly contact the necessary quarters and take COVID-19 test.


The race is one to develop effective vaccine or treatment to halt the dangers posed by this virus, I will be writing more about this in subsequent blog.

Stay Home! Stay Sate!

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