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Almajiri System in Nigeria and COVID-19

In many Northern parts of Nigeria, one would behold an obvious presence of many children with plates asking for alms. In most cases they are separated from their parents at a very young age. The proceeds of the begging likely goes to the one that “oversees” after them.

They are largely uneducated, although some school of thoughts would argue that they are educated in some Arabic or Islamic Knowledge. Many of them grow up becoming nuisance to the society. Some Nigerians have called for more pragmatic ways of ending such practice.

Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, tried by building many schools for educating and rehabilitating the Almajiris. Such legacy was not nurtured after his departure from Office. Very recently, ousted Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of Kano Nigeria, spoke emotionally against the practice. Few weeks after that public outcry, he was deposed.

Today, COVID-19 is ravaging countries of the world and many young Almajiris are being evacuated from one Northern State of Nigeria to another. In some News, it was gathered that five (5)Almajiris deported from Kano to Kaduna State of Nigeria tests positive to COVID-19!

Was the deportation of Almajiris necessary? Why were they deported during the coronavirus pandemic? Did we know their States of origin before now?

Stay home and stay safe.

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