Hydrogen Revolution: Hydrogen as a Major Energy Source Using Indigenous Technology

You might be shocked to realize that hydrogen is a more sustainable and environmental-friendly option than methane, also known as natural gas, which is used to generate electricity. It is the most abundant chemical element, accounting for 75% of the mass of the universe. If you’re familiar with science, you’ll know that hydrogen (H) is the most fundamental member of the chemical element family. It’s a combustible gas that is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. One of the many applications of hydrogen is as a clean source of fuel. When it combines with air, it produces water, which is subsequently emitted, hence, making it an eco-friendly option. Fascinating, right?

Consider for a moment that using hydrogen as a major energy source may permanently free us from the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment. You may be aware that the majority of the energy we use to power everything from our homes to schools and businesses comes from a variety of renewable and non-renewable sources. Non-renewable sources with limited supplies, such as fossil fuels, are generally harmful to the environment, whereas most renewable sources, which are natural sources and can be climate-friendly, are generally more beneficial. The big questions are, is hydrogen safe and helpful as a future source of clean energy? Is it a more environmental-friendly option than other energy sources? Can it be used as a primary energy source? All these and more are detailed in this article. Let’s dive in.

Hydrogen, a Future, and Major Energy Source

At this juncture, the hydrogen revolution comes into play as a zero-emission fuel switch. Green hydrogen, which can be created from all renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal, may be the best solution to our climate and ecosystem. Hydrogen has the potential to eliminate fossil fuels, boost economic growth, and drive global climate action in everything; from transportation to infrastructure to heating and electricity. It could also tackle some of today’s most difficult challenges with renewable energy. Our planet is already in danger due to human-caused climate change, which is wreaking havoc on the ecosystem and endangering the lives of billions of people throughout the world.


When hydrogen is consumed in a fuel cell or in internal combustion engine, it only produces water as by-product, while great deal of energy is generated in the process giving it a reason to be considered as a major energy source. When natural gas is used, it generates thermal energy but also emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. This distinguishing feature of hydrogen, on the other hand, would make it an enticing alternative fuel for transportation, cooking, and energy generation applications, using indigenous technology advances such as those developed by Lumos Laboratories Nigeria Limited.

The hydrogen revolution would, therefore, be a feasible and implementable solution that would assist to change the way we power our world by liberalizing energy, decarbonizing major industries, and creating jobs globally. In summary, the hydrogen revolution serves as a hopeful reminder that, despite the bleak headlines about our planet’s fate, there is still hope for a better future through the usage of hydrogen as a major energy source. If you are looking to know more, stay tuned for additional information on why green hydrogen is sustainable and a major energy source to watch out for.

Lumos Technology Inventor, Ejikeme Patrick Nwosu, standing in front of patented Patrium Flask Reactor that converts urine into hydrogen-ammonia rich gases

Why You Should Watch Out for Hydrogen as a Sustainable Energy Source

As a result of global warming, we currently live in a period of ecological crisis. The consequences of this have become increasingly obvious in the last ten years, with our planet experiencing massive and more frequent storms and other meteorological factors. Green hydrogen, a clean energy-generated alternative fuel, is experiencing a worldwide revolution and has been identified as the clean major energy source that might help the world achieve net-zero emissions in the next decades. It was termed “freedom fuel” during President George W. Bush’s first term in office in the United States. Since hydrogen energy can be used as a gas or a liquid and converted into power or fuel, it is incredibly versatile.

As a result, numerous methods of producing hydrogen exist, one of which is to use local technology like the one developed by Lumos laboratories which involves conversion of urine and other wastes into hydrogen-ammonia rich gases via a one-step chemical reaction. Hydrogen is virtually unlimited and inexhaustible. Hence, with new technologies arriving on a daily basis, the transition to a socioeconomic paradigm based on renewable resources and sustainable energy is already a welcome trend. Each year, 120 million tons of hydrogen are used in various industrial processes. However, in the next several years, large-scale activities will be initiated in the transportation sectors, as well as the gas distribution chain and industry, with the intention of increasing sustainable demands.

Why Hydrogen Should be a Major Source of Energy

Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role in meeting the energy storage needs required to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. You’re probably wondering if hydrogen is being used as a fuel already. Yes, many countries have already accepted this environmental-friendly energy source. Currently, there are cars that are powered by hydrogen that are already in existence. Surprised right? Lumos Laboratories has been generating electricity with hydrogen blended with other gases for years using indigenously developed technology and locally fabricated equipment.

Well, knowing this, I’ll go over some of the reasons why hydrogen should be used as a major energy source. They are highlighted as follows:

  • Renewable Energy Source with Abundant Supply: Hydrogen is an excellent source of energy for a number of reasons, the most notable among them being its abundance. While it may need considerable resources to harness, no other energy source is as infinite as hydrogen. That is, it will not deplete like other sources of energy, certainly not on a human timeline.
  • Efficiency: It is three times as powerful as the bulk of fossil fuels due to its high efficiency. As a result, hydrogen is used in space technology to power automobiles, fuel cells, and spacecraft. For example, fuel cells using hydrogen may create electricity with up to 65% efficiency and have roughly three times the capacity of a typical combustion-based power plant, which normally generates energy with an efficiency of 33-35%.
  • Toxicity: Hydrogen is a non-toxic substance, unlike nuclear energy or natural gas. It is therefore harmless to the environment and has no harmful effects on human health. As you are already aware, it is a fuel source with no harmful emissions, it only generates energy and water vapor as by-product, thus it has no negative impacts. This is among the key justifications for using hydrogen as a major energy source.

What is Lumos Laboratories Nigeria Limited Doing to Promote Hydrogen as a Green Fuel Substitute?

Because we are committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions in years to come, we must start preparing to change how we utilize gas in the coming years. One of the approaches we recommend is to use hydrogen. Most processes for generating hydrogen are highly expensive because they consume a lot of energy. At Lumos Laboratories, one of the leading energy conversion companies in Nigeria, we produce comparable cheaper hydrogen whilst cleaning up the environment in the process. Our by-products are also very useful with a lot of economic benefits. Among our accomplishments are five (5) invention patent rights, a prototype pilot plant, and numerous others. Whether you desire to employ hydrogen as a zero-emissions fuel, a feedstock gas for industry, or a heat source and energy for structures, we have the technologies and knowledge to help you every step of the way.

Way Forward

The use of hydrogen as a power plant fuel is becoming increasingly prevalent. However, the race to the hydrogen economy has begun, and manufacturing should grow less expensive, as well as storage and usage, during the next decade. Using hydrogen energy to balance the system encourages the use of renewable energy while discouraging the use of fossil fuels. As a result, adopting hydrogen as a major energy source will improve the environment by cutting emissions and also provide cleaner air in cities as pollution levels would decrease. Finally, the only long-term sustainable solution is green energy with zero carbon emissions.

Think hydrogen, think clean energy!