At Lumos, one of our innovations is the generation of hydrogen-ammonia-rich flammable gases from urine.

Why Hydrogen-ammonia-rich flammable gases?
Hydrogen and ammonia are the best sources el f fu because they lack carbon and other corrosive components.

Their byproduct; water vapour, and Nitrogen help purify the environment as opposed to polluting it.

Usefulness of Hydrogen-ammonia-rich flammable gases:

● Used to generate electricity
● Used in gas generators.
● Used in cooking gas.

Benefits of Hydrogen-ammonia-rich flammable gases to Nigeria:

● Takes care of Nigeria’s current energy challenge.
● Stimulates domestic economic activity by creating employment.
● Boosts our local economy by generating revenue
● Can be exported thus facilitating international trade
● Cheap to generate due to Nigeria’s large population.